Text Message Scams

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You receive a text message that looks like a fraud alert from your bank. It claims there is some unusual activity in your account. It may read: "Bank Fraud Alert – Did you approve a transaction for $1,000? Reply YES or NO." If you reply to the text, the scammer now knows they have an active number – and a person to scam.

The scam doesn't end there. The scammer will call you to follow up, and the number will appear in the caller ID as coming from your bank. When you answer, the caller claims to be a bank representative who can help stop the fraudulent charges. For additional verification, they will reference the 800 phone number on the back of your credit card which might be the same number that appears on your caller ID. They might offer to tell you some recent purchases that you made like, "You purchased some gas recently" and if you are not on your toes, drop your guard, they will ask you to verify a challenge question like, "What is your mother's maiden name?"

How to avoid "Text Message Scam":
Watch out for fake caller IDs. Scammers can spoof caller ID names and numbers to make you think you are receiving a call from a reputable source. If you weren't expecting to be contacted by your bank, it's best to avoid answering. Instead, call the number on the back of your ATM card to confirm that there is an issue.
Don't reply to suspicious texts. Ignore any instructions to reply yes or no if you receive an unsolicited, suspicious text message. If you reply to a scammer, they could save your number as "active" and target you with future scams.
Contact your bank if you suspect a scam. If you receive an unsolicited call, text, or email that you suspect is a scam, contact your bank immediately and let them know.
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