Santa Barbara Hybrid Service

At Ayers Automotive Repair of Santa Barbara we use the most advanced tools and technology available to assess and fix your problem. Every one of our reliable specialists undergoes extensive automotive repair training, including advanced certification in Hybrid Service.

Hybrid Vehicle are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, unlike petrol and diesel vehicles, they don’t usually have many mechanical issues, because on addition to the engine, hybrid vehicle use a electric motor to drive the car, the engine is rarely rev over 1500 RPM, which makes the engine less stressful therefore last longer with fewer faults.

But over time, as the build in High Voltage battery that powers the Electric Motor ages, things will sometimes get out of hand, symptoms includes the infamous Triangle of Death, IMA Warning Light, High Fuel Consumption, Multiple Dashboard warnings, Unable to start the vehicle or engine cut off after short while of drive. If your car is suffering any of the above mentioned faults, we have the solution for you.

We are hybrid certified by ACDC, Automotive Careers Development Center

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