VIP Service in Santa Barbara, CA

From your garage to ours and back - Online appointment, pick up, review and approve by phone or online, service work is completed, delivery. WE SANITIZE the seats, steering wheel, shift knobs, mats, handles, etc. car wash incl. Leave everything to us! ~ The Crew at Ayers

We Know You’re Busy...Don’t You Have Enough To Do?

Aren’t there about a million other things to do and places you’d rather be than at our shop to get your car serviced?

In the future, instead of bringing in your car, we’ll gladly send one of our VIP SERVICE Representative to you! It’s free, and it’s the least we can do to thank you for choosing us!

One of our VIP SERVICE Representative will pick up your car at your home or office, bring it to our shop, service it and bring it right back to you. Our VIP SERVICE is an exciting new way for us to serve you better, but of course, you are always welcome to bring your car in yourself, just like always.

How Does It Work?
Step 1

Schedule your appointment online or by phone.

Step 2

One of our VIP SERVICE Reps will pick up your car at your home or office.

Step 3

We bring your car to our shop and repair it for you.

Step 4

We deliver it right back to you!

….it’s really that easy!

Schedule Now

Call us today to schedule your VIP SERVICE, or conveniently schedule your appointment online! We are looking forward to serving you!

Please note that the date and time you requested may not be available.
We will contact you to confirm your actual appointment details.

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