Improver your Gas Economy by 5% and Zombie Debt Protection

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According to the US Department of Energy, by keeping your car running in top condition with regular oil changes and using the recommended grade of oil for your engine as well as inflating your tires to the correct pressure, you may avoid major repairs and improve your gas economy by about 5%.

"Zombie Debt" Protection Defined BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers ... via @YouTube

"Zombie debt" refers to old, often written-off debts that have been revived for collection purposes. These debts are typically past the statute of limitations for legal action, and the creditor may have given up on collecting them. However, some debt collectors purchase these old debts for a fraction of their value and attempt to collect on them. The term "zombie" reflects the idea that these debts, which were thought to be dead and uncollectible, have come back to life. It's essential for individuals to be aware of their rights and the statute of limitations on debts to avoid being misled or harassed by collectors seeking to revive old, "zombie" debts.
Some of the most common scenarios of zombie debt are the following:
● Unpaid debts that are beyond the statute of limitations when you can be taken to court for payment
● Unpaid debts you owe but forgot about
● Unpaid debts wiped out with bankruptcy
● Debts you already settled with the creditor
● Fraudulent charges from identity theft
● Fake debts “creditors” claim you owe as part of a scam
Never agree to make a payment on a debt you aren’t sure about, even if the collection agency puts pressure on you for payment.

When deciding what route to take, keep in mind that once a debt is past the statute of limitations, collectors can no longer sue you to get payment. In addition, the FDCPA stipulates that any unpaid debts should be removed from a person’s credit score after seven years. If you decide to begin paying or pay in full an old debt, it could restart the statute of limitations and affect your credit.
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