Fitness Apps Scams

"Fitness Apps Scams" BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers Automotive

Beware of fitness apps scams! Stay cautious and research thoroughly before downloading any fitness app to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Your health and safety should always come first! #FitnessAppScams #StaySafe #BeInformed

Fitness Apps Scams BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers Automotive via 

You are on a fitness journey and have decided to purchase a fitness tracker. Having a fitness tracker can raise awareness of your activities throughout the day. The benefits of a fitness tracker are also connecting you to friends and an extended community of fitness enthusiasts. 
Signs of the scam;
Within a couple of weeks, you start receiving messages from a member of your fitness application social group. The sender begins by asking about your fitness goals, and then the conversation becomes more personal. Questions are asked about your family, where you work, and your hobbies. After creating a bond, the scammers start sharing fake personal stories with you.
● Moving fast. Scammers will begin to ask personal questions quickly. (Are you married, where do you work, etc.).
● Emotional stories. The scammer may have a sick, elderly parent or child needing medical care.
● Specific instructions when asking for financial help. The scammer will request you wire money or use a prepaid debit card.
● Ask to communicate differently. As the scammer develops a relationship with a victim, they will ask for email contact or a personal cell phone number to connect outside the app.

Tips to avoid "fitness app scams" and other social app scams

● Do not post a picture of yourself as a profile. Use an avatar or free stock photo as a protective measure to avoid scammers targeting certain groups of people (ex: senior community).
● Do not share personal information (marital status, employment) with a stranger. The more the scammer knows about you, the more information they have to manipulate you out of your identity and money.
● Think before accepting requests from strangers. Being a part of a community is rewarding but can also be dangerous. Only connect with people you already know.
● Avoid clicking on unsolicited links. Clicking on a link may lead to downloading malware onto your device. The downloaded malware can lead to scammers collecting personally identifiable information that can be used for identity theft or tracking your digital footprint.
● Share with a family member or close friend. If uncomfortable or unsure about the communication you receive, share your concerns with someone you know. 

Receiving a different perspective is always helpful when in doubt.



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