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The RIGHT Catalytic Converter

Your Car’s Exhaust System- How do I know what the RIGHT Catalytic Converter is for my car? Lately, at Ayers Automotive Repairs, we have been seeing more and more vehicles failing a smog inspection for having the wrong catalytic converter installed on their vehicle.  We haven’t seen this issue in a while but when it does happen it is considered a “tamper” failure and there is no cost limit in California for the repair. Sometimes, the check engine light is on (MILON) and that is a heads up something is wrong within the emission system.  Hopefully, it is something simple a system check, clearing the codes, light is off, and things are back to normal, sort of like rebooting your computer. Other times it is warning about a leak in the system anywhere from a gas cap to an exhaust leak somewhere.  During a smog inspection, the smog technician is required by California BAR Smog Check Requirements to verify the proper smog equipment is ... read more


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