Ayers Repairs is a Certified
Brake and Lamp Inspection Auto Repair Shop 

  • Is your vehicle listed as salvaged or totaled with the California DMV?
  • Do you want to get it back on the road again?
  • You need to obtain an official brake and lamp inspection.

Get your inspection at the auto repair shop you already know and trust, Ayers Automotive Repairs. Our brake repair and automotive repair shop has met the rigorous standards of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to become a certified brake and lamp inspection location.  This inspection certificate confirms that your vehicle is once again "safe and roadworthy" so that it may be retitled. You must obtain this certification even if the vehicle’s ownership has not changed.

Your Santa Barbara, CA Auto Brake and Lamp Inspection Station

When an owner brings a salvaged vehicle into Ayers Automotive, our automotive repair professionals conduct a thorough and complete examination of the critical brake and lamp components. These may have been damaged during an accident, been thrown out of line during a theft, or suffered from deterioration during the period of disuse. Any aftermarket equipment must also be in good working order, to insure the safety of the driver and all passengers.

Official Brake Adjusting Station

When Ayers Automotive performs an Official Brake Inspection we make sure all of the necessary braking hardware is present, installed correctly, and in good working condition. Steps we take during this inspection include:

  • Measure the brake shoes or linings. These can be no thinner than 3/32 to metal of any kind.
  • Measure the brake drums and rotors to ensure that they are within manufacturer specifications.
  • Check that the vehicle is able to come to a complete stop in less than 20 feet at a speed at 25 mph
  • There must not be any signs of cracking or leakage in the hydraulic system. We will inspect the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, valves, lines and connections.
  • We will check all of the connecting hoses to confirm that there are no cracks.
  • We will inspect the brake lights to determine that they perform correctly.
  • The emergency brake must be capable of holding your vehicle on a 6% grade.

Official Lamp Adjusting System

When Ayers Automotive performs an Official Lamp Inspection we check to ensure that all of the original lighting equipment is working properly and is free from defects and damage. Steps we take during the inspection include:

  • Test the aim of your vehicle's headlamps, and make sure that they can be aimed properly. The headlight aiming pads cannot be broken off.
  • We will perform a thorough inspection of all headlights, taillights, marker lamps, back-up lamps, brake lamps, license plate lamps, turn signals, and the high beam indicator, as well as any and all warning lamps.
  • The lenses must be intact. There cannot be any cracks which allow white light to be emitted.
  • All reflectors must be intact.
  • Any type of body damage that could interfere with the proper functioning of the lighting equipment must be repaired prior to inspection.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with aftermarket lighting equipment, it must be in good working condition or it must be removed prior to the inspection.

If your vehicle passes our inspection, we will issue the appropriate certificates for the California DMV. If your vehicle does not pass our inspection, we will explain the reasons for the failure and provide a cost estimate to provide the necessary repairs. You may then decide whether you would like Ayers Automotive to perform the recommended work. Call us to set an appointment for a brake and lamp inspection at Ayers Automotive Repairs.

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