Happy Father’s Day from Ayers Automotive Repair

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Ayers Automotive Repair knows that many dads would really enjoy a fabulous sports car for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, most families can’t afford that type of fun, but what you can do is make sure your family’s ride is safe by making an appointment for auto repair and maintenance at Ayers. Whether your family car needs brake repairtransmission repair, or warranty work, let Ayers handle the work while you and dad enjoy these fun facts about cars:

That’s a lot of cars: There are over one billion cars on earth! No matter what kind of car or truck your dad drives, chances are we service it here at Ayers. We provide all manner of domestic car service and international car service, as well as truck repairdiesel repair, and hybrid maintenance.

And a lot of parts: The average car has over 30,000 parts, which means there is a huge potential for something to go wrong at any given moment. Enroll dad in our Car Care Club for just $139.98 and he will receive over $550 worth of auto repair services to keep his car running smoothly.

A “people’s car” for all countries: While known for producing stunning sports cars, Adolf Hitler was said to have ordered Ferdinand Porsche to manufacture a Volkswagen, or “People's Car.” This was the precursor of what would eventually come to be known as the entirely different Volkswagen Beetle. In 1971, India investigated the possibility of developing a “people’s car” with Volkswagen, but Suzuki eventually won the final contract. Ayers services all models, with Porsche repair, Suzuki repair, and Volkswagen repair.

One long-lasting car:  75% of the Rolls-Royces ever produced are still in working condition. If you’re lucky enough to have one, don’t tarnish that record. Bring it to Ayers for Rolls-Royce service and we’ll keep your classic on the road.

The State of California requires vehicles to undergo one or two different smog check types based randomly or determined by a vehicle's specific smog check history. When it's time for renewal, your DMV registration documents will mention either, Smog Certification Required, in which case you can visit any smog station, or Smog Certification Required at a STAR station, in which case your vehicle will need to be inspected at a STAR Test Only station or STAR Test & Repair station. Ayers is both a Smog Station and a STAR Station for the state of California.

Happy Father’s Day from Nikki and Robert Ayers, your Local Auto Repair Experts!

About Ayers Automotive Repair: Ayers Automotive Repair has provided auto repair, diesel service, and truck service since 1979. Customers rely on Ayers for domestic vehicle repair, foreign vehicle repair, and hybrid service.  Visit the website at http://ayersrepairs.com to download a coupon good for $25 off repairs totaling $150 or more in labor expenses. “Like” the Facebook page to receive car care tips. Call 805-319-7169 in Chapala or 805-617-0494 in Anacapa to set an appointment for Father’s Day automotive car care.


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