Fake Invoice Scam

"Fake Invoice Scam" BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers Automotive youtu.be/uhmECtx0FN8 via

once again, some dishonest characters are pretending to be the BBB in order to steal information and money from unsuspecting businesses and consumers. Don't fall for it!

You may have encountered a fake invoice if you are running a small business (or keeping books for one). Phony bills have long been a favorite and effective trick of scammers. Recently, BBB Scam Tracker has gotten multiple reports of a new version of this "Fake Invoice Scam", where con artists pretend to be contacting you as part of the Geek Squad, which is owned by Best Buy (BBB Accredited Business) or through PayPal (BBB Accredited Business). How the scam works: You receive an invoice that says it’s coming from the Geek Squad. It says you’ll be charged hundreds of dollars for an annual subscription that is about to auto-renew. The email may include a PDF version of the invoice and a number for you to call if you want to cancel the subscription. Panicked and sure you never authorized this subscription, you call the number. A “customer service agent” answers and pretends to assist you with the cancellation. They may offer you a refund or ask you to confirm your bank account information so they can cancel the subscription. If you give them that sensitive information, they’ll likely gain access to your account and can withdraw money without your consent. Even if you stop short of calling “customer service,” downloading any PDFs or clicking links in the email could download malware onto your computer and put you at risk of identity theft. How to avoid fake invoice scams: ALSO; Ayers Auto Tip of the Week and cash-saving coupons here - https://www.ayersrepairs.com/coupons According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by keeping your car running in top condition with regular oil changes (using the recommended grade of oil for your engine) and inflating your tires to the correct pressure, you may avoid major repairs and improve your gas economy by about 5%.


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