Don't Ignore Your TPMS warning Light

Ayers Car Care Tip Of The Week - Don't Ignore Your TPMS Warning Light via

Most of us remember the Firestone tire fiasco in the late 1990s. Today that flashing "TPMS warning Light" on your dash warning about a tire problem, really does mean something. It could be as simple as the spare tire being low on air or even a nail in the tire. When your Ayers Automotive technician is telling you your tires are nearing the end of their life based on age, they're not making it up. Rubber drys out and ages. There is a time stamp on your tires indicating when an automotive tech should be telling you to replace the tire just because you think they look good may not mean the tires are OK. Pay attention to the TPMS light when flashing, it is there for safety reasons. Get Car Care Coupons Here,


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