Deep Fakes BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers Automotive

New technology makes it nearly impossible to tell fake video or audio clips from real ones. Now, as the software used to create these “deep fakes” becomes more widespread, scammers are using it to steal money and sensitive information.
Deep fakes use artificial intelligence technology to create a seemingly real video or audio clip that mimics a person’s face, voice, or both. This kind of synthetic content is often used to spread misinformation by impersonating politicians and celebrities on social media.
However, that’s not the only use. Scammers are currently using deep fakes of corporate executives to steal from large companies. As the technology improves and becomes easier to use, we’ll likely see scammers using deep fakes to target individuals and small businesses too.
How can you spot a deep fake and avoid getting scammed? BBB recommends the following tips: Deep Fakes BBB Moment of Trust Sponsored by Ayers Automotive via @YouTube


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