Coping with Supply Chain Issues, Tips

Coping with "Supply Chain Issues, Tips" via
@YouTube how businesses and consumers can combat it.

Your Moment of Trust Synopsis:

Grocery aisles have gaping empty sections, and shoppers can never predict what’s going to be unavailable. New car dealerships struggle to fill their empty lots. People building homes report long waits for critical materials like windows and doors. Almost every industry has shortages and delays that all boil down to supply chain issues. Consumers and business owners are frustrated and confused. COVID-19 infection rates are declining, and restrictions have eased in most parts of America. Shouldn’t things be getting better by now? In this episode, BBB provides information on why supply chain disruptions are still ongoing and gives tips on how businesses and consumers can combat it. Ayers Automotive Repair in Santa Barbara sponsors Your Moment of Trust.

Ayers Tip of the Week:

These days, many vehicles have an oil life monitor that tells you when it’s time to change your oil.  Otherwise, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.  Ask your technician to print out the maintenance schedule for your make and model.  Regular oil changes keep your engine running in top condition, saves gas, and helps you avoid major repairs. 


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