Airline Ticket Scams - Ayers Auto Tip of the Week via

Airline travel is back in full swing and with all the airline flight cancellations, you need to beware of "Airline Ticket Scams". If you are buying airfare use caution before providing your credit card number. Double check the URL and phone number before the purchase.

Ayers Auto Tip of the Week - You should check your oil every few hundred miles, or every other time you fill your gas tank. If you’re low, add a little at a time (no more than half a quart to a quart), and then re-check. It’s a good idea to keep at least one quart of oil in your garage and one in your trunk. The oil specifications for your make and model are in your owner’s manual. Or stop by Ayers; we would be happy to check your oil and top it off for free. Money Saving Coupons,


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